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welded stainless wire

welded wire mesh

Wire Diameter: 1mm-8mm, Height: 0,20m to 2,15m , Width: 0,20m to 3m

stainless crimped mesh

crimped wire mesh

We can manufacture 2mm to 100mm in custom sizes.

stainless steel wire mesh

stainless wire mesh

Available in stocks ranging from 1 mesh to 500 mesh ranges.

Tekpun Welded wire meshes company

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Panel is made of selected quality iron wires through high-precision processing. The end product is level and flat, sturdy structure, and even strength throughout, which is widely used in industry, farming, construction, transportation and mining for protection of structure, safety segregation, keeping of poultry and livestock, and decorations etc. Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh is strong and long lasting. By its very nature stainless steel wire needs no additional finish, such as galvanizing or PVC, to protect it. The wire itself is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion and harsh chemicals. If you need a welded mesh or fence in an area with prolonged exposure to corrosives, stainless steel products will meet the demands. Materials: 304 series, 316 series, any other special materials can be ordered according to the customers requirements.

All kinds of special dimension wire productions are made

usage areas

In chicken, bird and animal cages On basketball and tennis courts In metal kitchenware On supermarket and warehouse shelves In flower pots On small carriers in the factory and in container manufacturing Advertising stands and rough sieves In narrow steel mats for coffee table In electrical conduits Fence and railing on the garden walls As a filter material.

stainless filters
stainless sheet
weld mesh basket